A Rainbow Of Herbs Aligning For Your Taste



 " ..An exceptionally flavourful experience... 

Contains many anti-depressant compounds

    " Preventing the breakdown of your adrenals "   

Whole food source of Glycyrrhizinic acid

    " A natural Antibiotic "

- Supporting Your Liver  

    " Increasing the flow of bile "

Protects membranes

" Creates an antibacterial gelatinous layer " 

Anti-inflammatory mucilage

" Polysaccharides increase your circulation "   

- Abundant in Flavonoids

" Bringing colour to your life from the inside "

- Greatest source of cinnamaldehyde

    - " Naturally anti-Viral"

A natural antioxidant  

    - " Balances your Redox potential "

A classic flavour

    - " sweet & spicey "


- Relax with this sedative

    - " Traditional used to calm the nervous system "

A rooted aphrodisiac   

    - " Restore your libido and fertility"

 Great source of minerals

    - " Roots often contain more nourishment than stems or leaves"

- Excellent source of beta-d-glucans

    - " Assists in immune system response  "

 Contains polysaccharides 

    - " Provides active cardiovascular support"

 A symbiotic fungu

    - " This dominant fungus will protect you from a parasitic fungus"

A legendary traditional chinese herb 

    - " There is said to be a connection between longevity and Fo-ti "

Contains anthraquinone    

    - " it is said to Aid in detection and destruction of malignant cells "

 Restore your colour

    - " A traditional approach to bringing you youthful pigments back.  "

Minerals from an ancient forest 

    - " Entire Ecosystems were caught between mountains and crushed thousands of years ago and now a black tar seeps out of cracks "

High in fulvic acid   

    - " Some of the most bioavailable ancient minerals on the planet "

 A conductivity enhancer 

    - " Turn distilled water into a superconductor with shilajit "

Farmed on an incredible 76 acre plot, grown with passion and a strong vision.. Michael and Jam Jolley focused their combined efforts to cultivate something beautiful...

" With much gratitude, through Scott Carney, (Australian Carobs North American Distributor) we recognise how fortunate it is to have discovered these outstanding Australian farmers and their carob. " 

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