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Box of 9 x 50 gram bars


A chewy base topped with a dark creamy cacao and carob glaze. Finally an organic and plant based snack you can rely on. Mocolate Chocolate Lion's Mane contains no cane sugar, is vegan friendly and is packed with medicinal herbs, super-foods and uniquely, Lion's Mane concentrated powder. An incredible balance creating a delicious snack; formulated to support you to be your best self!



Hemp Seeds, Roasted Carob, Sunflower seeds,
Sunflower butter, Coconut nectar, Cacao butter,
Coconut oil, Rice Bran, Cinnamon, Fo-ti root powder,
Single extract Lions mane mushroom 7:1, Licorice root
powder, Marshmallow root powder, Vanilla extract,
Rosemary Extract powder, Himalayan Salt






Chocolate Lion's Mane