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  A chewy base topped with a dark creamy carob glaze.  Combining the exceptional healing powers of 20mg of non-psychoactive full spectrum hemp based Cannabidiol (CBD) with the already perplexingly healing formula of Mocolate; Finally a raw, organic and plant based snack you can rely on. Mocolate contains no cane sugar and is vegan friendly, which means no animal products or dairy!


*GST is included in the distributor price.


" The same incredible Mocolate taste, with an extra touch of healing magic! "


" Void In States Of Mind Where Freedom And Understanding Are Prohibited "


  The following is a summary taken from The Justice Systems Of Canada's website regarding their current regulations on Industrial Hemp.


Industrial hemp

Means a cannabis plant — or any part of that plant — in which the concentration of THC is 0.3% w/w or less in the flowering heads and leaves.


  The following is a summary is taken from Health Canada's website regarding their current regulations on Industrial Hemp.


"...Fibre from stalks can be used in making paper, textiles, rope or twine, and construction materials. Grain from industrial hemp can be used in food products, cosmetics, plastics and fuel..."


  It is within these regulations, why in canada we see hemp nut flours, oils, seeds, and clothing in the marketplace. Offering full spectrum hemp based Cannabidiol (CBD) in Mocolate is a continued legal pursuit to offer a derivitive that has gained unparalelled interest in assisiting an individual to a healthier self.






Case of 9 Mocolate 60g Bars


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