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Made from a base of sprouted & fermented brown rice protein. Combining specific herbs, super-foods, medicinal mushrooms to aid in maximizing your nutritional intake , energy, stability and digestive harmony. 


This blend highlights the immuno supportive and anti-inflamitory qualities of the Red Reishi Mushroom. It is said that Red Reishi Mushroom helps with the immune systems defence by consuming non-beniffical / harmful bacteria, yeasts & viruses while also lowering the bodys inflamitory responce to increase our natural immune responce time.


Heal Faster...Get Stronger...!



Sprouted brown rice protein, Watermelon seed protein, Roasted Mesquite powder, Carob powder, Rice Bran, Coconut milk powder, Gluten Free Oat Milk powder, Marshmallowroot powder, Licorice root powder, Cinnamon powder, Single extract Cordyceps mushroom powder 8:1, Monk Fruit powder, Stevia Leaf powder, Himalayan salt


Morning Glow Mushroom Blend Caramel